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Fulbrook Amenities Group


Fulbrook Amenities Group

We are holding the first 2016 Amenities Group meeting at the Carpenters on Tuesday 23rd February at 7pm.  I will ensure the celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday is on the agenda together with the Keep Britain Tidy campaign the Spring Clean-up and the Plant Sale. Hopefully, we will be welcoming some new members as Bob (our PR Man) has been doing a sterling job promoting what we do and encouraging people to join the Group. To find out more you can ring Maggie Thompson on 824852.

The Fulbrook Amenities Group is an voluntary group that aims to engender a sense of community within the village, and enhance the village for the enjoyment of all its residents and visitors.

We endeavour to do this is by organising enjoyable activities and events to raise funds that go towards improving the amenities of the village.

Past events include:

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Festival Weekend

Scarecrow Saturday, The Queen's Reign and Hog Roast Monday.

Fulbrook's Day at the Seaside

The Annual Plant Sale.

Below are links to some of the pictures taken at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations:

Scarecrow Saturday

Hog Roast Monday

We thought that everyone in the village would like to see them – they are best viewed as a slideshow. If anyone is unhappy with their picture being shown in this album please contact the Parish Clerk (Mrs Kim Kekwick 07792 020903) and we will remove it. If you would like a higher quality digital copy of any of the pictures from Scarecrow Saturday, Hog Roast Monday and Singing in the Reign, please contact Bob Tivey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 01993 823093).

The following photographs of the Jubilee celebrations, were taken by Rosemary Jenkins.  As above, if you would prefer to have your photograph removed then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Fulbrook Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 4 June 2012
Bob Warner's Field -

Jun 4, 2012
by Rosemary Jenkins

The Fulbrook Village Summer dance held on August 9th at Bob's barn raised £700 to enhance the village amenities. It was a great village affair with all ages represented, the weather stayed fine and the band played 'til late. Many thanks to Pauline and Bob Warner for hosting such a fun event.

ll funds raised through these events have been contributed towards a variety of projects and improvements, some of which have included; the renovations and upkeep of the Fulbrook War Memorial, the Millennium Steps, some Village Seats, Notice Boards, Road Signs and the Children's Playground, to name just a few.

In addition to the above events, we also hold biannual Spring and Autumn Village Clear-ups. The clear-ups are achieved with help from generous volunteers who give up their time to clear rubbish from drains, prune shrubs, remove of fallen trees, weed of verges, strim hedges and innumerable general maintenance tasks. The result is a refreshed environment for the benefit of residents and wildlife alike; for which we are truly grateful!

If you have any suggestions which would improve our village and community, or if you wish to help at our events and Village Clear-ups then please don't hesitate to contact Maggie Thompson on : 01993-824852.

Two of the most active members of the Amenities Group, Pat Ferret and Wally Ingleby, have decided to take time out from their immense voluntary contribution to village activities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for their wonderful contribution over the years.

Fulbrook Amenities Committee Members:
Malcolm Taylor (Chairman)
Committee Members will be published here when available

Our Meetings are sociable and held 4 times a year.

N.B. If there are any photographs on this web-page you would wish to be removed, please contact either Mrs Kim Kekwick, Parish Clerk on 07792 020903 or Margaret Thompson. Chair of Fulbrook Amenities Group on 01993-824852.

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For enquiries about the Fulbrook Amenities Group, please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Kim Kekwick on 07792 020903. The group is looking for new members, please consider getting involved