22 Jul 2020

Fulbrook Parish Council Website

Next Meeting:

The next Parish Council Meeting is indefinitely postponed due to Coronavirus

If you would like to contribute information to the website or let us know of any updating that is necessary, please contact Mrs Kim Kekwick, Parish Clerk. Tel: 07792 020903 Or click here to email Kim

Parish Council

The Fulbrook Parish Council meets every two months in the Fulbrook Meeting Place, usually on the second Monday or Tuesday in January, March, May, July, September and November. Notice of these meetings, together with the agenda, is posted on the two parish notice boards (near the postbox and at the top of Walnut Row) about a week beforehand and all parishioners are welcome to join the Public Participation session at the start of each meeting. If you would like to add an agenda point for the Council to discuss, please do contact a Councillor or the Clerk to the Parish Council. Minutes of the meeting are posted on this site and copies are also available on request from the Clerk.

The Parish Accounts for 2018/19, detailing the financial year's expenditure have been completed and may be viewed by clicking here.

21 Jul 2020

Vacancy (part-time) Parish Clerk



Required from September 2020

Hours currently 20 per month to include 7 evening meetings per annum.  Salary @ LG Clerks Scale.  Annual Review of both hours and salary.  Training available.

Please find job description and more details here.

For more information and/or to apply please write to Peter Burns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date Friday 31st July 2020

21 Jul 2020

Parish Clerk Job Description


The Clerk is the proper officer of the council and will carry out all the functions conferred on the proper officer by state or otherwise.

The Clerk will be responsible for ensuring the statutory and other provisions governing the administration of the council and its affairs are complied with.

The Clerk will prepare the agendas for meetings of the council, will attend such meetings and will prepare the minutes of such meetings for submission to the council for approval.

The Clerk will prepare the agenda for, attend and prepare the minutes for the annual parish meeting and any other parish meetings held during the year.

The Clerk will be responsible for ensuring that all decisions of the council are carried out promptly and accurately.

The Clerk will be responsible for receiving all correspondence and other documentation on behalf of the council and for ensuring that the contents of same are listed with a comments slip and passed or emailed around all Councillors to be acted upon or brought to the council’s meeting as necessary.

The Clerk will, if so required by the Council, review and report on the policies of the council and how effectively they are being implemented.

When required by the council, the Clerk will act as a representative of the council at conferences, meetings, public inquiries and other similar events.

The Clerk will be responsible for preparing and keeping up to date a register of the Council’s property, ensuring that the property is regularly maintained and ensuring that it is covered by adequate insurance.

If required by the council, the Clerk will (at the expense of the council) attend training courses on subjects relevant to the role and responsibilities of the clerk of a local council.

If required by the council, the Clerk will prepare and issue information about the activities for the council to the press and other media.

The Clerk will prepare and distribute a fortnightly e mail of events to those parishioners who subscribe to this circular. The clerk will ensure the village noticeboards are kept up to date with appropriate information.

The Clerk will be responsible for maintaining, managing and updating the website.

The Clerk will be the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) of the council and will prepare and maintain the accounts and other financial records of the council in accordance with all statutory and other accounting and audit requirements and practices.  See RFO guidance.